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Visit Kagamino-Cho (Town) By Public Transport

Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama prefecture has no railroads or highways.

For those who visit Kagamino-Cho, the most common route is to take a private or hired car from Tsuyama city and head north on Route 179.

However, as some people may not drive, I would like to summarize here the routes to visit Kagamino-Cho by public transport!

JR Tsuyama station is one of the main stations in the northern part of Okayama prefecture, which has 3 lines: Tsuyama line (Tsuyama-Okayama), Kishin line (Himeji-Niimi) and Inbi line (Tsuyama-Tottori).

Also, there is an adjacent bus terminal where long-distance buses for Tokyo, Osaka, and Okayama arrive and depart.

JR Tsuyama Station is the starting point when you visit Kagamino-cho by public transport.

In the past few years, the station vicinities had been redeveloped, and a souvenir shop and cafe opened.

Tsuyama is also famous as the birthplace of Mr. Hiroshi Inaba of B’z (Japanese rock band).

Recommended Routes from Major Cities to "JR Tsuyama Station"


Oneway: 10,000 yen

Round: 17,200 yen

Dur: Approx 9 hrs

This is a direct night bus from Tokyo to Tsuyama.

As the bus will arrive at Tsuyama early in the morning, you will have to fill the time at a convenience store or cafe.


Expressway Bus Tsuyama ・ Nishiwaki – Osaka Line

Select “From Osaka To Okayama” to find the route Osaka – Tsuyama. 

Oneway: 2,730~3,060 yen

Dur: Approx 3 hrs

This is a direct expressway bus from Osaka to Tsuyama.

As the bus departs every 30 minutes, it is very convenient.

* Please note that some buses do not take short breaks in the Kasai parking area.


Expressway Bus Tsuyama – Kyoto Line

Select “From Kyoto To Okayama” to find the route Kyoto – Tsuyama.

Oneway: 3,050円

4 tickets: 10,980円

Dur: Approx 3 hrs

This is a direct expressway bus from Kyoto to Tsuyama.

The bus is less frequent than that of Osaka line.


Oneway: 1,170 yen

Dur: Approx 90 mins

This is a direct train from Okayama to Tsuyama.

Oneway: 800 yen

Dur: Approx 90 mins

Also, there is a direct long-distance bus from Okayama to Tsuyama.

The bus is less frequent, but it is cheaper than a train.


Unfortunately, there is no direct public transport from Hiroshima to Tsuyama.

I recommend the route via Okayama.

Using JR would be the right choice because there is a discount applicable to bundled ticketing.

Okayama Momotaro Airport

Oneway: 3,300 yen

Dur: Approx 70 mins

*You must reserve a seat by 17:00 on the previous day.

Katsuta Kotsu Co, Ltd. +81(0)868-22-1234

The Closest Station to Kagamino-cho is "Innosho Station."

The closest station to Kagamino-cho is Innosho station, which is the first station from Tsuyama station on the Kishin line.

When using a taxi, from “Innosho Station” or “Innosho Interchange” would be the best!

Kagamino Taxi


The Closest Interchange to Kagamino-cho is "Innosho Interchange."

The closest interchange to Kagamino-cho is Innosho interchange of Chugoku expressway.

From Osaka

Expressway Bus Osaka – Niimi・Miyoshi Line

No English website is available.

Oneway: 2,900~3,800 yen

Hayauri 5:2,610~2,790 yen

Dur: Approx 2hrs 30mins

This is the quickest expressway bus from Osaka to Tsuyama.

When using Innosho interchange, Sanyo Marunaka Innosho (5 mins walk) is the nearest bus stop for the local buses to Kagamino-cho.

(FYI) It takes about 15 mins on foot from Innosho station to Sanyo Marunaka Innosho.

"PLANT-5 Kagamino" is the hub of Kagamino-cho.

PLANT-5 is a supercenter in Kagamino-cho.

A book corner, a game corner, a rest area, a 100-yen shop and a beauty salon are in the supercenter, and everything from groceries to clothing, furniture and home appliances has been lined up.

The municipal buses for each region of Kagamino-cho depart and arrive at PLANT-5.

As the number of buses running in Kagamino-cho is very few, I recommend adjusting your time here!

From "JR Tsuyama Station" to "PLANT-5 Kagamino"

There is a local bus from JR Tsuyama station to PLANT-5 Kagamino.

Tsuyama-city Regional Bus Guide

Oneway: 200 yen

Dur: Approx 34 mins (Southbound)

Dur: Approx 32 mins (Northbound)

This route was extended to PLANT-5 (プラント5) in 2019.

The cheapest and most recommended public transport!

Please note that some buses require a transfer at Sanyo Marunaka Innosho (マルナカ院庄店).

Okutsu Hot Springs ・ Ishigoshi Line


Oneway: *400 yen

Get off the bus at “KAGAMINO-NOUKYOU-MAE (鏡野農協前)” bus stop and walk to PLANT-5

Dur: Approx 40 mins incl walking

It takes about 10 mins on foot from KAGAMINO-NOUKYOU-MAE bus stop to PLANT-5.

* It costs 190 yen by train from Tsuyama station to Innosho station, and 260 yen by bus from Innosho station to KAGAMINO-NOUKYOU-MAE bus stop. So, it is cheaper to take this bus from Tsuyama station than Innosho station.

Also, there is a Tsuyama-Tomi line (only one bus a day) for those who go to the Tomi area of Kagamino-cho.


The best way to visit Kagamino-cho by public transport is from JR Tsuyama Station to each area via PLANT-5 Kagamino.

As the number of buses is very few, I strongly recommend you to set a firm schedule in advance.

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