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Rainbow Trout Fishing at “Sekitei-Yuenchi”

I went to the fishing pond, “Sekitei-Yuenchi“, located near Okutsu Onsen (hot spring) with lodging guests.



Opening Hours:

09:00 – 19:00




200 yen / 100 grams 

You must purchase all the fish you caught.

Fishing Flow

1. Reception

Tell the person in the shop “I want to fish”, and receive a fishing rod, a kneaded bait and a bucket to keep the fish you caught.

2. Fishing

There are two upper and lower ponds, and slightly smaller rainbow trout are swimming in the upper one.

As the fish are weak, you must purchase all the fish you caught.

Be careful not to overfish!

3. Clean and weight

A person in the shop quickly removes gills and innards from the fish you caught. Then, she weighs the fish.

4. Payment

The average weight of the fish is 200 grams, so it is about 400 yen per fish.

Ice is free.

If necessary, you can also buy blue-gel ice packs at the shop.

5. Folk Crafts

Besides fishing, the shop is exhibiting and selling cute folk crafts.

If you are interested, please take a look!



Sekitei-Yuenchi is a safe fishing pond, where even small children can easily enjoy fishing.

As cooking is not allowed on the spot, if you are traveling, I recommend you to ask whether your accommodation can manage the fish you caught in advance or visit the pond on the day you return to your home!

If you are traveling by car, there is a parking space in front of the shop.

It would also be great if you walk from “Hanabijin-No-Sato” or “Roadside Station Okutsu-Onsen“!

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